Team Mission

The mission of Fearless Femme Racing is to be an active ambassador for our parent foundation, Pure Energy Velo (501c-3), who strive to mentor, educate, inspire and promote the health, community, environmental and spiritual benefits of cycling on a youth, community and corporate level. In addition, Fearless Femme Racing provides a scholarship and mentor program for dedicated emerging female bicycle racers seeking an opportunity to develop as a cyclist and student.

Our Femmes participate as active community leaders, organize and promote charitable events, and demonstrate bike safety and healthy lifestyle habits.


Our Femmes are incredible role models, harvesting their experiences as professional athletes, career women and dedicated family members. Femmes inspire future leaders to pursue their dreams with strength, positivity, and passion. Bicycle racing can provide a backbone of dedication, grit, confidence and team spirit that benefit personal development in all dimensions of life.

Team Goals

In addition to mentoring future leaders on achieving their goals through a balanced state of mental and physical wellbeing, our Femmes demonstrate what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, selflessness and passion. Competition on a bicycle emphasizes an individual’s role for the sake of team goal.


For the Femmes, reciprocal support of our partners and donors is vital to our team’s survival and mission, setting a high standard other teams struggle to achieve. Fearless Femmes understand we are an extension of our generous partners and donors, and we will be relentless and fearless ambassadors in the community—regionally, nationally, and internationally.