Flora Yan

Hometown: Plano, TX
Age: 20
School/University: The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
Degree: Doctor of Neurology or Oncology.
Greatest cycling achievement: Winning DII Collegiate Nationals ITT in 2016. 5th at Port Washington Crit at ToAD in 2016. GC Overall Winner at Hotter N’ Hell in 2016.
Favorite post ride food: Chocolate, Cashews.
Favorite band: Spotify – Sleepless by Cazzette, Sounds of her Mind by Just A Gent, Fire by Matrix & Futurebound, Somebody Else by Verite.
Fondest childhood memory on the bike: Imagine two people riding down the shoulder of a deserted highway, in the middle of nowhere. One of the riders is lost in thought, riding but also doing Tai Chi hand movements while sitting up on his bike. The is rider was peddling along side of him, trying to soak in the moment. This is my fondest cycling moment, when my friend, Carl, and I rode from Dallas to Lubbock, Tx (around 300 miles) in one go around. Only after a hundred or so miles can cycling transport me to such a surreal moment. Sometimes, I am caught up in the racing, in the results, and in the pursuit to achieve more, that I forget how good it is just to ride my bike.
Why Fearless Femme: Fearless Femme stands behind a motto that really resonates with me. It’s even in the name itself – it’s to be fearless in your pursuits, through all avenues of life. I love knowing that I’m on a team that encourages me to approach challenges without fearing anything.
Instagram hashtag: @yummycrackers