“It all starts with youth, because a sport that neglects its roots has no future.”

Fearless Femme Racing’s genesis came from Pure Energy Cycling, which is a brick-and-mortar bike shop in Lambertville, NJ, where the shop’s unique goal was not necessarily to make a profit, but to make a difference in cycling. Quickly, Pure Energy Cycling’s community events and small programs evolved into bike teams and ultimately Pure Energy Velo, a 501c-3 non-profit organization. Pure Energy Velo’s programs have sponsored more Olympians and National Champions from multiple countries than any other US cycling program, notably: Theresa-Cliff Ryan (USA), Tina Pic (USA), Kimberley Wells (AUS), Fiona Meade (IRL), Bobby Lea (USA), Matt Baranoski (USA), Jackie Simes (USA) and Andy Lakatosh (USA).

Athletes of Pure Energy Velo are ambassadors whose mission is to create a new standard for a role model whom youth may aspire to be like. Coupled with the rider’s unprecedented athletic ability, each rider for Pure Energy Velo is well-educated and possesses a strong sense of community. “We’re hoping that kids look up to cyclists in the same spirit as football or baseball players, and want to continue riding a bike as a lifestyle activity, as riding a bike has character-building, environmental, health and community benefits that mainstream sports just don’t possess,” said Arounkone Sananikone (Founder/Co-Director/Mechanic).

Schools, bike clubs and event coordinators are encouraged to contact info@fearlessfemmeracing.org to schedule an appearance or group ride.

For 2016, Fearless Femme Racing will be the resounding voice for Pure Energy Velo, their partners and donors by conducting group/club rides, school visits and speaking engagements, in addition to competitive racing. Amy Cutler said it best by articulating, “It all starts with youth, because a sport that neglects its roots has no future.”