Paige Shumskas

Hometown: Pipersville, PA
Age: 17
School/University: Central Bucks High School East.
Degree: Aspiring Engineering.
Greatest cycling achievement: 2nd in Junior Points Race National Championship 2016. 5th in Junior Criterium National Championship 2016. 2015-2016 Winner of the Women’s 3/4 Wilmington Grand Prix.
Favorite post ride food: Ice cream (on rare occasions).
Favorite band: Elton John.
Fondest childhood memory on the bike: Well, I’m still a child technically, but riding with my dad and mom was always one of my favorite things. I did one of the short courses of the Bucks County Covered Bridges Tour with my mom and dad. I would go as fast as I could to beat them, which I usually did (of course they let me win). I particularly enjoyed riding along the gravelly path where I could ride freely, often making big serpentines across the entire path. This ultimately ended poorly, resulting in a crash, but it is still a fond memory of mine. I refused to get back on the bike, so my dad had to ride back and get the car to rescue me. We still do family rides, all five of us, and I hope I have made the family riding experience as memorable to my two younger siblings.
Why Fearless Femme: I wanted to be part of Fearless Femme Racing because this program is about more than simply racing my bike. Every time this team enters a community to participate in an event, we encourage and attempt to inspire others to also ride their bikes. Fearless Femmes often participate in the kids races, providing encouragement to participants. This ideal resounds with me, for it is essential to give back to communities so more people can find a love for their bike.
Twitter hashtag: @paige_shumskas
Instagram hashtag: @paigeshumskas